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Introducing America's #1 Crane Safety Camera

HookCam is a wireless camera system that attaches directly to the hook block of a crane and delivers a live video stream to the operator in the cab.

HookCam Benefits

Safety for Operators. Metrics for Managers.

HookCam is designed to eliminate communication issues when operating in the blind, this gives the operator a second set of eyes allowing them to better communicate with the rigger and respond to critical situations. 

With the HookCam, the operator has more control of risks on the job site and can move safely and efficiently.

Hookcam Analytics

HookCam provides you all the metrics you need to keep your job site running smoothly and efficiently. With daily reports, archived video footage, and crane uptime to name a few, HookCam gives you the full overview!

Why Choose HookCam?

Maximize Safety

HookCam allows the operator to confirm the balance and load security, while increasing site awareness to respond to critical situations on the job site.

Better Communication

The operator has the ability to see the rigger and hand signals to verify rigging by replacing radio communication with visual communication.

Increase Productivity

HookCam eliminates blind spots all while reducing pick time by up to 38.9% in the blind and up to 26.7% in open space.

Decrease Liability

More control for the operator means less stress and fatigue. HookCam provides situational awareness allowing the operator to view the pace and swing of the load to reduce potential accidents and property damage.

See the difference with a view from the hook!

Critical rigging

See critical rigging details

View of pick

See contextual view of pick and path

Details view

See details up close and in focus

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